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This course is designed to enable Senior Leaders and their leadership teams to improve their capability and capacity to use science-based concepts to sustainably improve the performance of their organization. The course provides specific language and behaviors that will drive improved performance and safety culture. It provides practically applicable tools and techniques that leaders can use immediately. By gaining a deeper understanding of how and why things happen and using that knowledge every day in the leader language and behaviors you improve both engagement with the workforce and the outcomes of the organization. We will introduce the Deviation Analysis© process and tools for building a just-culture and identifying the systemic drivers of incidents and near-misses. AERO can be viewed as the next logical step in your learning and improvement journey or an excellent opportunity for professional development. It is delivered as a learning experience for senior leaders to understand how changing some key behaviors and applying some new lessons can have a dramatic effect on the company’s potential to reduce error. 

16 Lessons

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Module 1 – Welcome!

Introduction and Objectives

Discover your E-Colors

Module 2 – AERO Science and Concepts

The Gear Model and Task-Based System

The Essential Leadership Cycle

E-Colors and Personality Tendencies

Key Concepts and Definitions

How Bad Things Happen

Performance Modes, Traps, Triggers, and Tools

Module 2 Review

Module 3 – Deviation Analysis Basics

Deviation Analysis Performance Guide

Download your Deviation Analysis Performance Guide

Deviation Analysis Basics

Deviation Analysis Process - Part 1

Deviation Analysis Process - Part 2

Module 3 Review

Summary and Conclusion

Post Course Survey