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What Our Members Have to Say:

“We used the science and techniques presented in this workshop to restart 2 plants after they had been curtailed. It was the first time in over 50 years we had done a restart with no serious injuries and completed on time. We also saved almost $30M over previous restarts using these techniques. We just wanted to say THANKS from all of us.” ― A quality director and a safety director
“After nearly 50 years as a safety guy this was one of the few new and meaningful ideas I had come across that has the potential to fundamentally change how our organization thought about incident prevention. Especially as it applied to Low Frequency High Consequence events. Thanks to Rob and his team my last few years working in a major corporation were some of my more enjoyable and productive. Fisher IT has something worth trying!” ― Retired quality and safety director
“Just wanted to send you a note and thank you for the training you provided our team. Since you provided the HP training our team has gone over one year without a recordable injury or had any switching error. Thanks for all of your help!” ― Utility Operations Director
“We had documented savings in excess of $1.2M per year in just one process area, accompanied by a 46% increase in employee engagement measures.” ― A large constant-process manufacturing site
“We experienced a noticeable reduction in paint line takt-time and significantly fewer quality returns, resulting in increased overall factory output.” ― A Truck Manufacturer
“FIT helped reduce our human error-related shutdown rate during plant start-ups from 17 per year to less than 1 per year.” ― A power generation company
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