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20 Lessons

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FIT Webinars

Introduction to Human and Organizational Performance!

Using HOP concepts during changing times

Using the Essential Leadership Cycle to Manage the current COVID-19 Challenges

The Task Based System & Essential Leadership Cycle

Driving Elements and Resultant Conditions

Introduction to AERO in healthcare

Intentional and Practical Application of HOP Principals

Avoiding HOP Deployment Errors

Partnered Webinars with COVE

The Impact of Visual Literacy and Human Error in a COVID-19 World

The Impact of Personality Tendencies on Seeing & Managing Risk from a Visual Literacy Perspective

Becoming a Better EHS Professional through Visual Literacy and Advanced Error Reduction

Partnered Webinars with Equilibria

Personality Diversity & Awareness Basics

Diversity & Inclusion Workshop - Day 1

This a MUST watch for anyone interested in Diversity & Inclusion!

Diversity & Inclusion Workshop - Day 2

A deep dive into self and team awareness!

Diversity & Inclusion Workshop - Day 3

Partnered Webinars with Safe Lanes

Addressing the Human Element

Going Beyond Unsafe Acts and Unsafe Conditions

Managing Human Factors

Human Factors: Concept to Process

White Paper