Intentional Communications to Overcome Crisis Watch Preview

This specialized Health Care course will guide you through how to communicate intentionally to overcome crisis. 
The course includes: 
  • 75-minute Masterclass 
  • 3 Facilitators 
  • Video-Based 

In this time of crisis, where effective communication, clear understanding and de-escalating of challenging conversations is absolutely paramount, we are humbled to be able to bring to you a unique set of skills and tools that you can turn into actionable intelligence immediately. You will start getting better results with your patients, colleagues and even at home.
In this course, you will get access to:
  • A better understanding of your personality based tendencies by understanding your E-Colors
  • Enhance your self, team and other awareness
  • Learn about Personal Intervention, a self-management tool for making choice full decisions
  • You will learn about the mastermind principle, setting a team vision and how to root for each other and your patients
  • You will understand Pause Task Responsibility
  • Raise awareness around body language, tone, facial expressions and positive language in your messaging
  • You will understand how to use mirroring when appropriate
  • You will get access to conflict resolution protocols
  • You will learn skills and tools for learning and continuous improvement
Don't miss the opportunity and start making a difference today!
CEO of EQ in Health Care - Jeff Feltzer
CEO Equilibria - Lewis Senior
COO Equilibria - Laura Senior Garcia
To ensure you have the best experience possible, please make sure to:
  •  Take your PDI before starting the course - accessible via Discover Your E-Colors button on the main menu
  • Pause and replay sections of the video as often as you need to, to ensure you understand what is being communicated
  • Take notes to understand the concepts presented and to remind yourself of how you will use the tools shared in the video moving forward
  • Ask questions! Contact us as often as you need to using the message board
​We thank you for choosing to learn with us and look forward to hearing from you!

3 Lessons

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75-minute Masterclass

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3