Deviation Analysis Watch Preview

A structured approach to understanding and dealing with deviations

  • Understand human and organizational performance concepts as they relate to how and why people deviate from rules
  • Understand the definitions and probabilities associated with errors, deviations, and violations and how that impacts the individual and the organization
  • Understand the Deviation Analysis tool and the practical applications of the tool
  • Understand Deviation Potential and how to predict where deviations may impact performance
  • Practice analyzing deviations using the tool
  • Experience a case study of a real-life deviation analysis and how it was used to solve an organization's problem, which was initially thought to be a simple violation of the rules

22 Lessons

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Section 1 - The Basics

Introduction & Objectives

Learn about your instructor and the objectves of this course

Deviation Analysis Basics

Learn the What, How, Who, Why, and When of Deviation Analysis

Human and Organizational Performance Basics

Learn about the HOP System, Definitions, How Bad Things Happen, and Performance Modes

Section 1 Review

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Deviation Analysis Performance Guide

Download your Deviation Analysis Performance Guide

Section 2 - The Deviation Analysis Process

Understanding Block 1

Understanding Block 2

Understanding Block 3

Section 2 Review

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Section 3 - Assessments and Lessons Learned

Managment Assessments After Analysis

Lessons Learned

A Quick Test

The Dump Truck Story

The Oil Rig Experience

Minimum Approach Distance Story

Lock Out Tag Out Stories

Final Exam

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Course Completion Certificate

Section 4 - Case Study and Close Out

Case Study Intro

Case Study by Mr. Ron Pryor

Wrapping It Up!

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