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In this workshop, you will learn a structured approach to problem-solving incidents that challenge your company, the employees, customers, or the general public. The workshop will consist of narrated content and interactive questions to check your knowledge and understanding of the concepts provided. Upon completing this online workshop, the participant will learn how to conduct effective Cause Analysis for minor Incidents and identify Corrective Actions capable of reducing the risk of recurrence. The participant will learn:

  • Science-Based Definitions for Terms Relevant to Cause Analysis
  • How and Why Incidents Occur
  • Phases of the Cause Analysis Process
  • Approaches for Determining Why an Incident Occurred
  • How to Assess an Incident’s Broader Ramifications (Extent of Condition)
  • How to Identify an Action Plan that Effectively Resolves the Incident

24 Lessons

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Section 1

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Learn the definitions you should use moving forward

Graded Approach to Cause Analysis

Learn the different level of Cause Analysis

Section 1 Review

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Section 2

Workshop Focus

Learn what types of incidents warrant basic cause analysis

How and Why Incidents Occur

HOP Principles

Summing it all up

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Section 3

Roles and Responsibilities

Basic Cause Analysis Process

Preparatory Actions Phase

Information Collection & Analysis Phase

Cause Determination Phase

Extent of Condition Determination Phase

Action Plan Development Phase

Corrective Action Effectiveness Table

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Reporting Phase

Wrap Up

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