Effective Written Guidance for Reviewers, Approvers, and SMEs Watch Preview

This online course is designed for individuals involved in reviewing or approving procedures and other written guidance as an SME or Engineer. The course equips the student with the knowledge and skills that enable designing and performing more efficient and effective processes that result in better field performance. The course is also beneficial for leaders who provide oversight for procedure development/review processes and subject matter experts who may be a part of the review and approval process.

21 Lessons

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Effective Written Guidance Checklist


Procedure Grading Spreadsheet


Written Guidance Decision Tree Tool


Written Guidance Development Process Flow


Written Guidance Frequency of Use Assessment


Written Guidance Needs and Use Analysis


Written Guidance Process Cause and Effect Analysis Tool


Section 1

Introduction and Course Objectives

Why do we really need written guidance?

Human Performance Basics

How bad things happen

Performance Modes

Section 1 Review

Section 2

Determining the need for and usage of written guidance

Written Guidance Proccess Flow

Section 2 Review

Section 3

Top 5 Written Guidance Error Traps

Other Written Guidance Traps

Grading Written Guidance

Final Review

Course Wrap Up!