Intentional & Practical Application of HOP Principles Watch Preview

This 95-minute course is a great opportunity to learn about the guiding principles of HOP! Enjoy fantastic insights and breakdowns from two of our greatest thought leaders, Rob Fisher and Lewis Senior, as we improve your understanding of what needs to be done to "Do HOP Right!" 

22 Lessons

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Section 1



The Gear Model

Gear Model - Insights

The Personality Diversity Indicator

E-Colors and Personality Tendencies

Typical Incident Cycle

Section 2

5 HOP Principles

Error is Normal

Error is Normal - Insights

Blame Fixes Nothing

Blame Fixes Nothing - Insights

Systems Drive Behavior

Systems Drive Behavior - Insights

Response Matters

Response Matters - Insights

Learning is Essential

Learning is Essential - Insights

Section 3

How We Learn

New View of Incidents


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