The Science of AERO (Advanced Error Reduction in Organizations) Watch Preview

Throughout this course, you will learn what human performance and advanced error reduction are and how to practically apply proven tools and techniques to reduce your probability of error. You will also learn how your personality tendencies, and those of your teammates, impact how you see and manage risk. With just over 1.5-hours of video-based lessons and an estimated completion time of <2 hours, this is the most effective and efficient way for you and your team to benefit from error reduction technologies!

13 Lessons

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Section 1


Objectives and Content

The Task Based System and Swiss Cheese Model

Personality Tendencies

Section 1 Review

Section 2

Science Based Definitions

General Understandings

Performance Modes

Section 2 Review

Section 3

Error Traps & Triggers

Advanced Error Reduction Tools

Section 3 Review

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