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Participants of this course will obtain a deeper knowledge of error reduction with the introduction of the impacts of personality tendencies. And learn the tools that enable individuals and organizations to reduce the probability of human error during task performance and effectively mitigate consequences when errors occur. This 3-hour self-paced workshop is hosted by Rob Fisher and includes interactive questions to check your knowledge and understanding of the concepts provided. Topics include: what Advanced Error Reduction in Organizations (AERO) is and how it can impact your organization and personal life; how people with different personality tendencies see and manage risk differently; the 3-T's": Traps (conditions that increase the probability for human error), Triggers (indications that a trap is present) and Tools (mechanisms for reducing the likelihood of human error); mental models and their associated error rates; the Task-Based System and how weaknesses in that system drive human error; the Essential Leadership Cycle for effectively managing the Task-Based System.  

25 Lessons

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Section 1


Learn the basic outline of the course and any pre-requisites.

Welcome to the course!

Learn about our background

Background, History & Terminology

Learn how the science we use came to be

Course Objectives & Structure

Learn the Objectives

Discover your E-Colors

Learn about your personality tendancies

Section 2

A Systemic Approach

AERO Guiding Principles

Learn the guiding principles you should use moving forward

Personality Tendency Basics

Core Definitions

How Bad Things Happen

Learn the probabilities of errors and violations within an organization

Section 2 Review

Test your knowledge

Section 3

Performance Modes

Learn the error rates associated with each performance mode

Traps, Triggers & Tools

Learn about the 3 Ts

Top 10 Error Traps

Learn about these error traps and what they do or feel like

Section 3 Review

Test your knowledge

Section 4

Error Reduction Tools

Learn about the tools you can use to reduce errors

AERO Swiss Cheese Model

Learn about failed barriers

Intentional Communication

Learn how to use the intentional communications card

Intentional Communications Card

Download the Intentional Communications Card for personal use

Deviation Drift

Learn about real drift

Section 4 Review

Test your knowledge

Section 5

AERO Ethics

Learn the ethics of AERO

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Final Message

Post Course Survey