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We share our insights and observations from our career in HP/HOP/Error Reduction

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Avoiding Groundhog Day

Principle #1

Principle #2

Principle #3

Principle #4

Principle #5


Filler Words

Why don't they stop?

Is It Reasonable To Believe?

You can't just tell people what you want

Are Lessons Learned REALLY Lessons…Learned?

It's NOT Common Sense!

What's Your Elevator Speech?

Leaving Kids In Cars

The Essential Leadership Cycle

Top 5 HOP Deployment Problems

Understanding Why People Do What They Do

System 1 and System 2 Thinking

Leader Knowledge of Error Reduction Tools

Individuals Seeing and Managing Risk

The Importance of "Triggers"

Diversity & Inclusion

Using HOP at Home

Effective Written Guidance

Extent of Condition

The WHY Behind the Top 5 HOP Deployment Problems

Creating An Effective Problem Statement

The Importance of Integrating HOP Concepts

What if it’s not a “blame culture?”

Some Leaders Just Don't Get It!

The Importance of Values Based Engagements

Managing VUCA

Using Personal Intervention as Leaders

Overcoming leaders that have already solved a problem in their head

How fast is too fast?


Can HOP be done right?

Hits, Near Hits, and Near Misses

Occupation, Job, Task, and Steps/Actions

The Gear Model and Leader Behaviors

Changing Paradigms

Walk and Talks

Intro to Walk and Talks

The WITH Model

Following Rules


Returning to work

Overconfidence and Complacency

Task Speed

Some rules for rules

Unpredicted Distractions

Thinking 360

Seeing 360

Managing Important Distractions

Distraction-based deviations

Not Routine Anymore

Distraction of Absence

Too Somber

Task Anxiety

Return to Task

D and I Balance

Risk Tolerance - Featuring Ian Collins